About Preludio

Preludio is a contemporary dining concept from Fernando Arévalo that moves with time in orchestrated chapters, beginning with Monochrome.

  • The Concept

    Preludio is a constantly evolving restaurant that operates in stages represented by chapters. The word preludio, which may be translated as “introduction” or “prelude”, alludes to the constant beginning of something new. We present a fresh perspective on fine dining, where embracing a culture of constant change and innovation helps ignite the spirit of creativity and betterment.

  • Chapters

    Each chapter directs the creative inspirations involved in every part of the dining experience. Much like a couture house that launches a new collection every season, Preludio will release a new chapter every 12 to 18 months. Preludio does not transform its identity with each new chapter, but uses it to mark our growth with time – like writing a story, page by page, until we begin a new chapter.

  • Chapter 1: Monochrome

    For its debut, Preludio will open with “Monochrome”, where the restaurant will be inspired in black and white. To remove colour from an object is to strip it down to its fundamental self – everything raw and everything pure. Opening with this rudimentary idea of black and white seemed only befitting for Preludio as it embarks on this unconventional journey.