Preludio begins a new story with Author’s Cuisine

February 28, 2022

Food that pays homage to Chef Fernando’s fascinating and unique heritage and life experiences

Shining the spotlight on its unique genre of Author’s Cuisine, Preludio presents an “autobiographical” narrative to its latest culinary quest by focusing on Chef Fernando’s Colombian-Italian heritage, South American roots, cosmopolitan culinary journey across New York, Hong Kong, and now Singapore, and his vivid life experience throughout it all.

Each chapter directs the creative inspirations involved in every part of the dining experience.

Chapters pushed us to constantly evolve our identity… akin to the likes of crafting a story, page by page, progressing our story year after year.

Being so far from home for so long has moved me closer to my roots than ever before.

Chef/Owner Fernando Arévalo

As an outright expression of warm welcome to the autobiographical account of his cuisine, Chef Fernando serves an elevated take on his home city’s most famous dish “Ajiaco”. A variation of Bogota’s chicken and potato broth, Chef Fernando makes a robust and hearty broth of Bresse chicken and three types of potatoes (including Andes potato) flavoured with a uniquely Latin American herb guascas, To complete the course, he serves it with sliced avocado, capers and a crown of French Bresse chicken breast marinated in Japanese corn corn and butter.


“La Gaujira”

Reminiscing his 12 to 14-hour-long family road trips to the northern Colombian coastal desert of La Guajira as a child, where he came up close to the ocean for the first time, Chef Fernando presents “La Guajira”. Plump lobster flesh topped with slivers of crispy patacones (fried plantain) served with thinly-sliced hearts of palm and an aromatic bath of coconut milk-kissed sweet onion broth, an ode to the bounty of the region’s palm-lined beaches and waterfront.

Growing up with an Italian immigrant maternal grandfather who kept the Italian heritage alive through weekly pasta nights, a tradition his mother continued well into his adulthood, Chef Fernando recalls one of his favourite homemade pastas – spaghetti in tomato base with beef rolls on the side. Reimagined in Preludio with freshly-made spaghetti flanked by a parcel of Toriyama wagyu beef layered with homemade datterini tomato paste, fermented garlic and parsley, the course is monikered “Mother Knows Best”, chef’s loving tribute to his single mother who raised him on her own,.

“Mother Knows Best”

From 1 March 2022, Preludio will be serving Author’s Cuisine that pays homage to Chef Fernando’s fascinating and unique background and life experiences that has brought him from Bogota to New York, Hong Kong and Singapore, presenting a varied spectrum of the best ingredients from all around the world in unique combinations and presentations.