Preludio Cakes

Unique, beautiful and artistic Preludio BLACK & WHITE cakes. Every cake is made to order and no two cakes are ever the same.

The SMALL measures 3 by 3 inches across, weighs 250 grams, and is good for 2-4 persons. $38++ each.

The LARGE measures 6 by 6 inches across, weighs 700 grams, and is good for 4-6 persons. $68++ each.

Exclusively for dine-in customers only; available for preorder 2 days in advance of your reservation.

BLACK: dark chocolate / orange / caramel / calamansi
WHITE: mascarpone / apple / carrot / walnut / cinnamon

*only WHITE cake is available for SMALL size at the moment.

Please indicate your preferred size and flavour in the reservation notes at