Chapter 1: Monochrome

October 8, 2018

For its debut, Preludio will open with “Monochrome”, where the restaurant will be inspired in black and white.

The team approached the theme of monochrome with a sense of liberation instead of limitation. Imagining in this concept provoked them to explore and invent new definitions of black and white, brainstorming with a spiritedness that materialised freely.

To remove colour from an object is to strip it down to its fundamental self – everything raw and everything pure. Opening with this rudimentary idea of black and white seemed only befitting for Preludio as it embarks on this unconventional journey.

Colour is subjective to the viewer. Within seconds, a choice is made to either like or dislike based on the usage of color tones. Yet in darkness and light, only the message can be seen without prejudice of opinion.

Hydro74 (Joshua M. Smith), American designer and artist
A Man Feeding Swans in the Snow by Marcin Ryczek

Preludio is a constantly evolving restaurant that operates in stages represented by chapters.

The word preludio, which may be translated as “introduction” or “prelude”, alludes to the constant beginning of something new.

Instead of focusing on dishes from a certain geographical region, Preludio adventures into the territory known as “author’s cuisine.” Executive Chef Fernando Arévalo and his team have complete freedom to mix flavors, colors, textures and styles, in order to provide diners with an ever-changing and yet constantly memorable dining experience.