Chapter 2: Time

November 21, 2019

3rd February 2020. Mark the moment of Time, when Chapter two unveils.

A year on since its opening and debut of the Monochrome chapter, Preludio begins on a fresh page with a new themed chapter.

As the restaurant journeys from one chapter to the next, the spirit of Preludio remains. A catalyst for change, the chapters venture beyond boundaries for exploring new ideas and the endless possibilities of one’s imagination, but not without whimsy and surprise. 

Time, as the second chapter, aptly marks growth and an invitation for open interpretations and fresh perspectives; a departure from the visual aesthetics of the preceding realm of black and white. Preludio will evolve with Time as more of its meaning is discovered, inspiring the entire guest experience from the curated menus of the season’s finest to the wines and interiors.

In its fundamental self, Time is distilled into personal interpretations – a moment, a date, or an age; a process, duration, or passage; ancestry and lineage.

Audacious, experimental, yet familiar, Time is presented with ‘Author’s Cuisine’. Not confined by geography, Executive Chef Fernando Arévalo and his team have complete freedom to play with flavours, textures, styles, as well as colours shaped by their past experiences, and anchored by seasonal produce at their peak to express their own stories with Time. Running its course over the four seasons, a new menu will be unveiled at the turn of each season.

Witness the versatility of time with ‘The Time Machine’, a medley of five petit servings, each spotlighting an ingredient prepared over a specific length of time. Through the use of different cooking processes, this opening course showcases varying flavours from fresh and pristine to deep and matured. Reflecting on home where it all began, Chef Fernando pays homage to his Latin American roots with a dish inspired by his heritage.

Along with changes in his life’s journey, the beloved Pata Negra has undergone multiple variations and this signature will see its latest iteration with ‘The Dish Of A Lifetime’.

Preludio’s “Time Machine”

Time for Pastry Chef Elena Pérez de Carrasco represents the past, present and future – important experiences that have significantly influenced her. Desserts like the ‘1412014’ celebrates the day she stepped onto the shores of Singapore, immersing in the local culture. Grandmother in Basque, ‘Amona’ is a nostalgic tribute fondly reminiscent of an after-school treat of traditional bread slathered with chocolate.

Broken down into ‘scales of time’, the wine programme curated by Chip Steel revolves around the effect time has on the various stages of wine making and the resulting bottle, with sections such as ‘Age of Vine’ focused on vines with illustrious ages, all above 70 years old, to a collection of reserve wines in ‘Time in Barrel’ and ‘Time to Drink Up’ comprising wines approaching their prime or are so trendy and rare, one has to enjoy them before they completely disappear. In the same vein of spurring interest is the beverage list format that encourages diners to study the varietals of grapes as well as tea for spirit-free options in a genealogical tree.

Time stands still when guests step into Preludio, where the neutral palette and soft, clean lines form the perfect backdrop with every change of chapter. Refreshed centrepieces amongst other embellishments hint at the new theme, bringing guests on a journey of a truly immersive dining experience at Preludio.

Experience the travel through Time at Preludio, expressed through the food, wine and art.