Chapter 2


3rd February 2020. Mark the moment of Time, when Chapter two unveils.

A year on since its opening and debut of the Monochrome chapter, Preludio begins on a fresh page with a new themed chapter.

Time, as the second chapter, aptly marks growth and an invitation for open interpretations and fresh perspectives; a departure from the visual aesthetics of the preceding realm of black and white. Preludio will evolve with Time as more of its meaning is discovered, inspiring the entire guest experience from the curated menus of the season’s finest to the wines and interiors.

In its fundamental self, Time is distilled into personal interpretations – a moment, a date, or an age; a process, duration, or passage; ancestry and lineage.

Executive Chef Fernando Arévalo and his team have complete freedom to play with flavours, textures, styles, as well as colours shaped by their past experiences, and anchored by seasonal produce at their peak to express their own stories with Time. Running its course over the four seasons, a new menu will be unveiled at the turn of each season.

Witness the versatility of Time at Preludio, expressed through the food, wine and art. From 3 February 2020.