Preludio revisits past chapters with a final throwback

December 15, 2022

A final nostalgic showcase of the past Preludio Chapters’ menus, starting with Monochrome, through Time, onwards to Capture, and finally Release.

Since opening in November of 2018, Preludio has gone through three chapters, spanning across four radical menus. Beginning 2023, Chef Fernando will revisit the entire breadth of his Author’s Cuisine from Preludio’s inception, directing a series of dinners that progress chapter by chapter over the span of eight weeks, where each menu is only available for two weeks before turning over to the next.

3 Jan – 14 Jan Monochrome

17 Jan – 4 Feb Time

7 Feb – 18 Feb Capture

21 Feb – 4 Mar Release

A last opportunity to try all Preludio chapters and creations.

Chef/Owner Fernando Arévalo

Each chapter directs the creative inspirations involved in every part of the dining experience.

Chapters pushed us to constantly evolve our identity… akin to the likes of crafting a story, page by page, progressing our story year after year.

Preludio opened with its first chapter “Monochrome” in November 2018, where the food, beverage and art are inspired in black and white. To remove colour from an object is to strip it down to its fundamental self – everything raw and everything pure. Opening with this rudimentary idea of black and white seemed only befitting as we commence on this unconventional journey.

La Cortina, from Chapter 1: Monochrome
“Time Machine” from Chapter 2: Time

Time, as the second chapter, aptly marks growth and an invitation for open interpretations and fresh perspectives; a departure from the visual aesthetics of the preceding realm of black and white. The restaurant’s offerings are expressed through the many aspects of time – be it about a moment, an age, a journey or passage; even exploring ancestry and lineage.

Chapter 3

Two Roads: Capture / Release

A memorable experience where diners will be given a choice between two roads – Capture or Release.

In one road, we capture the essence of an ingredient, engaging with utmost precision to treat the food purely in a minimalist fashion; while in the other, we release the extent of its flavour and creativity, exploding all possibilities to maximise the selected produce to its full potential.

Centre pieces from Chapter 3: Two Roads

From January 2023, Preludio will be serving a new menu every 2 weeks in a progressive journey through its Chapters – starting from Monochrome, through Time, to Capture, and finally ending with Release.