Author’s Cuisine

Preludio presents an “autobiographical” narrative in its latest culinary quest by focusing on Chef Fernando’s Colombian-Italian heritage, South American roots, cosmopolitan culinary journey across New York, Hong Kong, and now Singapore, and his vivid life experience throughout it all.

Instead of focusing on dishes from a certain geographical region, Preludio adventures into the territory known as Author’s Cuisine. Executive Chef Fernando Arévalo and his team have complete freedom to mix flavors, colors, textures and styles, in order to provide diners with an ever-changing and yet constantly memorable dining experience.

Each chapter directs the creative inspirations involved in every part of the dining experience.

Chapters pushed us to constantly evolve our identity… akin to the likes of crafting a story, page by page, progressing our story year after year.

There are no rules and no boundaries with Author’s Cuisine. It surprises you, keeps you guessing, keeps you tasting.

The personal stories of food growers and producers are the inspirations behind the cuisine of Preludio. Whether it be the provenance of an ingredient or an evocative memory, Preludio’s food speaks with a human face. Flavours take on depth, context and a sense of place, paying homage to the people who work the soil. Dishes embrace unusual combinations in texture, aroma, and flavour, while provoking the senses and pleasing the palate.

Chef Fernando’s creations are something new – bold yet subtle, marked by artistry and simplicity, combining flavours in ways that strike a chord of affinity at first, but always unravel with a surprise.