A Preludio Journey

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We’ve created a new experience for you to be closer to us during this period of time: The Preludio Journey is a limited series of 4 weekly delivered dinners, starting Saturday 29 May. Each week, “travel to a new station” with a different, unique menu. Join us for one station or hop on for the whole journey!

We have departed the first station, and have only 3 more weeks to go.

  • Travel all 4 stations at $398 (last order on 29 May)
  • Travel 3 stations at $308 (last order on Sat 5 June by 6pm)
  • Travel 2 stations at $208 (last order on Sat 12 Jun by 6pm)
  • Travel 1 station at $108 per set (last order on Sat 17 Jun by 6pm)
Includes option of 1 bottle wine that has been specially curated to pair with your set.
Each set serves one.

Chef Fernando will be presenting the station’s dishes via Instagram Live on our account every Saturday at 6pm. The Preludio Journey moves on to a new station every Saturday (new menu weekly!) and is available Friday, Saturday and Sunday, delivered between 5:30pm – 7:30pm. Let’s recreate the feeling of dining “together” during this time on The Preludio Journey.

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The Menu

Station 1 of 4
29 – 30 May

Deep Breath

  • Spring Tart
    • French Peas, Brocollini, Sea Urchin, Jamón Ibérico
  • White Asparagus
    • Organic Egg, Piquillo Pepper, Cauliflower, Sweet Onion 
  • Obsiblue Prawn Parpadelle
    • Lobster & Spiced Pork Sauce, Lemon Balm, Squash
  • Basque Turbot
    • Tomato Fumet, Fresh Seasonal Vegetables, Basil 
  • Toasted Rice Cake
    • Soy Sauce Caramel, Rice Crisps, Miso
Station 2 of 4
4 – 6 June

Before Present

  • Pâte à Choux
    • Lobster, Lemon, Mushroom
  • Not Noodles
    • Enoki, Preserved Lemon, Lime Vinegar, Prawn, Asparagus
  • Beet Tortellini
    • Carrot, Apples, Broccolini, Butter
  • Rib of Veal
    • Snow Peas, Purple Potato Gnocchi, Wine, Whole Grains, Pea Sprouts
  • Elderflower & Berry Petit Gâteau
    • Elderflower Yoghurt, Mirin & Sakura, Strawberry, Pink Peppercorn Berry, Chamomile
Station 3 of 4
11 – 13 June

End of Spring

  • Butter Roll
    • Marscapone, Truffle
  • Celeriac Tart
    • Brown Butter, Thyme, Vanilla & Mustard Cream
  • Prawn Garganelli
    • Parmesan, Bacon, White Wine
  • Iberico Pork Presa
    • Parsnip, Datterini Tomates
  •  Honey & Balsamic Tart
    • Honey Mousse, Pecan Sponge, Balsamic Nameleka, Malted Chantilly
Station 4 of 4
18 – 20 June

Pride & Joy

  • Burrata
    • Porcini, Essence of Tomato
  • Baby Gem Lettuce
    • Stracciatella, Clementine, Honey, Coriander Seed
  • Oxtail Agnolotti
    • Chervil Root, Beetroot & Oxtail Broth, Mint, Pickled Cucumber
  • Duck Confit
    • Figs, Salsify, Agrodolce
  • Passionfruit & Sesame Entremet
    • Sesame Shortbread, Black Sesame Praline, Olive Oil Cake, Passionfruit & Yuzu Cremeaux, Passionfruit Curd

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