Foradori “Rotaliano” Trentino ITA 2016

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This grape variety — Teroldego — may be a tongue-twisting mouthful, but we implore you to give both the pronunciation and the wine a try. An ancient grape variety grown in the mountainous alpine region of Trentino Alto-Adige, this deep-coloured wine is brimming with rustic flavours of wild blackberries. The grapes are grown in the high altitudes of the Dolomites, which lends a fresh, lively note to the palate.

Winemaker Elisabetta Foradori has been a trendsetter in the region, helping to turn the reputation of Teroldego from a mass-produced wine into one of complexity and quality. After taking over her family’s vineyard in 1984, Elisabetta slowly introduced biodynamic practices, which led to healthier, finer grapes, and ultimately a new standard for Teroldego. Saluti!

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