The Preludio Box I

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The Preludio Box is filled with the best products from around the world, handpicked by Chef Fernando and the team, including a selection of Preludio’s signature favourites from Chapter 1 and 2. It’s our way of bringing Preludio to your home.

The Preludio Box serves 2-3 :

  • 2 Rye Bread Rolls with Mushroom Glaze, Homemade Onion Butter
  • La Cortina signature pasta ingredients (with cooking instructions)
  • Wagyu beef marble score 8 short rib (rubbed and roasted, with finishing instructions)
  • Iberico Pork Presa (marinated for 24h, slow roasted & sliced)
  • Foie Gras Pâté
  • Fruit & Vegetable selection (with Chef Fernando’s tips on how to make at home)
  • Aged Comté Cheese
  • Pastry Chef Elena’s finest pastry selection
  • Tea Party (4 artisanal teas)

Sold Out

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