The Preludio Story

October 1, 2021

Preludio embarks on an interlude to reflect on its journey and showcase the best dishes from our story thus far.

Starting 4 October 2021, Preludio will be serving a curated menu of its greatest hits throughout the last few years in what it calls “The Preludio Story”.

Expect the best of chef Fernando’s innovative, contemporary Author’s Cuisine, from Monochrome, Time and Two Roads occurring together in one continuous dining experience this fall season.

Preludio’s logo animated in a page flip – where the nib of a pen (hinting at an author as in Author’s Cuisine) traces out an incomplete circle to indicate that our story is still ongoing

From the first chapter Monochrome, where the menu is inspired in black and white, Preludio presents chef Fernando’s signature pasta the La Cortina, where butternut squash agnolotti is drizzled with Il Borgo’s traditional 25 year old balsamic vinegar. The Pata Negra, a bold dish which features Iberico pork shoulder with a white carrot and apple purée and charred tomato, will also make its return.

La Cortina, a signature from Chapter 1: Monochrome

Dark Hour, an allegory to the pandemic from Chapter 2: Time

Marking a departure from the visual aesthetics of the preceding realm of black and white, from the second chapter Time, the restaurant’s offerings are expressed through the many aspects of time such as in Dark Hour, an allegory to the darkest hours where the world was hit by the pandemic.

The third chapter Two Roads revolves around the idea that small causes may have large effects which can lead to significant differences in the end, which led chef Fernando to split the menu into two distinctly different experiences, titled Capture and Release. From the Capture experience is Waves Lapping on the Shore, a dish of sea urchin, chervil root and consomme, which captures the feeling of ocean waves arriving on the beach.

Waves Lapping on the Shore, from the Capture menu in Chapter 3: Two Roads

Throughout the progression of The Preludio Story, chef Fernando will be resurrecting other previous, well-loved classics from his extensive repertoire of Author’s Cuisine – food that is bold yet subtle, marked by artistry and simplicity, combining flavours in ways that strike a chord of affinity at first, but always unravel with a surprise.